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We cover any jobs from and to Finchley whether they are nationwide or from European countries.

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We are ever dedicated to providing the best quality service to our clients. Try Finchley Removals today!

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Finchley Removals: The trusted removals team in Finchley since 2009

Who We Are and What We Do

Not just a man with a van. Our team is made up of dedicated to professionals. Unlike other removal companies in North London, we bring together experts with removals specialisms, from movers to packers, from storage experts to handymen. This helps us to provide a truly holistic service, taking care of every step of the moving process. Often, our customers don’t only need their furniture packed, although this is a very important part of what our packing experts do. We find that they also need their furniture assembled when they arrive, they need help from a handyman to set up their home. They also often need storage facilities at affordable prices, but don’t want the hassle of organising everything themselves. This is what we mean when we say that we provide a holistic service, and it is our expert removals team that enable us to provide this top quality service.

How We Work

We do things a little differently than other removal companies. We think that the way we work helps to take unnecessary stress and hassle in moving house and removals services. In summary, we are more than just a man with a van. We provide a personalised removals service. That means that we pay attention to the details, and to your specific preferences and needs involved in your move. We bring our own experience and expertise to your move, but we first want to work flexibly around your life. So we always start by talking with you, our customer. From there, we’ll craft the most effective removals plan that works well practically and according to your convenience.

We work within our North London Moving Company branch, to bring you the best, most expert professionals to your complete removals package.

Our Locations

Whether you are moving from or into a flat, house or office, our team are experienced in helping you move your furniture and relocating. We deliver to a wide range of locations in the UK, including across London. A big part of what we do involves international removals, and we have been helping our customers move country for many years.

Want to Hire Our Local Removals Team in Finchley?

Contact us today to discuss your move and how we can help. If you would like to find out more about what we do and the different services we offer as part of our removals package, our website offers a plethora of information. However, if what you need isn’t there, just give us a call or send an enquiry today.